Now a days enterprise data centers are facing critical challenges that raised the hurdle in bringing the business innovation and agility.  As the number of applications and volume of data in the data center is prodding, IT struggles to provide the resources necessary to run the entire business model smoothly.  The radical demands of the enterprises require an on-demand set of IT infrastructure that helps in proliferation of server and storage devices, with software linked to operating system to manage high time availability, enforce security, reliability and optimum performance.    

Without denying the fact that data center IT components become obsolete every 5 years, hence the vast majority of IT investment is spent on upgrading the IT assets to maintain the business functioning up to date. It involves backup & recoverability, redundancy and optimal efficacy of resources. As a result, IT has been forced to point the locus on keeping the server maintenance rather than delivering the innovation that meets the dynamic needs.

What actually is required?

The scalability, flexibility, and transparency to enable IT to provision new services quickly and efficiently with low factor of costis what is required.  Here, cloud hosting provider in India provides a solution to meet the demands of high utilization, and impulsive respond to change, in addition to providing rigid security and high performance.

The Enterprise Cloud Computing Model

Cloud is a paradigm that enables organizations to operate more efficiently, in addition delivers improved responsiveness to business needs. It is being proposed as one ideal answer to the challenges of IT silos- high cost, ongoing upgradation and maintenance concerns, and inefficiencies. While, most of the transactional data and high performance file sharing are well handled now within the enterprise data centers, cloud computing is revealing its capability to handle the increasing internet data from high-functionality-rich websites, services rendered by online service providers, and digital media creation with follow-on global distribution.    

Impediment to adoption of Cloud Computing Model

Apart from being the fact that cloud services are projected to grow at 5 times the rate of current enterprise IT spending, some business leaders have concerns about its security, compatibility with existing applications, and interoperability.

Fortunately, the good news is that such challenges can be resolved by implementing cloud approach that involves computing, network, virtualization, and storage resources. Enterprises should move towards a multi- tenant cloud computing environment to derive outperforming results.  

Cloud computing can cater the enterprise with:

In a nutshell, cloud-enterprise IT infrastructure services, managed by the business, with cloud computing capabilities  such as on-demand resource provisioning, pay-as-you-go usage, and the appearance of infinite scalability- providing the critical benefit of  high utilization & swift change.