Cloud computing has potential to generate an array of disruptions that will ripple out from the technology industry and finally transform many industries around the globe. 

Some of the ways the cloud's ability to analyze, access, share and store information could change our business and personal lives are:

-People will become a gamer Gaming is known as the 'killer-app' of cloud computing. Gamers enjoy the thrill of complex 3D graphics on mobile devices courtesy cloud.

-Fixing stuff will be easier A cloud-based app intimates drivers of electric cars when their batteries need to be recharged, letting them get to a charging station without the need of a tow truck. A cloud-based application for medical purpose feeds information to field system engineers who need to maintain health equipment.

-People will actually find what you want in stores Often customers report dissatisfaction about the stores not having the product promised on their websites. With cloud, inventory records will be much more visible and reliable.

-People will be able to make smarter decisions Any mobile device could be turned into a 'supercomputer' allowing you to access processing power as needed from the cloud to analyze anytime of information wherever you are.

-Small business will become global in days For the satisfaction of the new clouds being created by the clouds, small and medium sized companies will leverage the cloud and get bigger slice of action. They will be able to geographically scale up in terms of market capture due to significantly reduced overhead costs.

Apart from this there will be other advantages like Private cloud and Public cloud will make homes healthier, developing countries will become new markets and new competitors, companies will use more suppliers, language barriers will fade, laptop security features will decline, etc.