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Managed server hosting is typically dedicated hosting’s extension where needed hardware is possessed by a hosting provider and the same has been leased to client or business. It completely varies from dedicating hosting, though, the regular maintenance and management is handled by a hosting service provider instead of client itself.
There are Various Services Provided Under Managed Hosting, such as –

Server Maintenance and Configuration- Managed server hosting provider offer professionals with expertise in order to ensure hosting is configured in order to meet the requirements of customers subsequently and effectively to perform needed server maintenance, and keep platform running.

Flexibility- Managed server hosting is a flexible solution. It is not only a one solution to all services and in this hosting service, providers work with clients in order to offer customized solutions as per their business requirements. When the requirements change, the managed server hosting providers make sure that their platform meets the needs of clients.

Support- One of the major benefits of managed server hosting is there is always on-hand support. In most of the cases, companies make customer support 24/7/365 available, though, in a few cases, support is provided through email.

Reduced Operational Cost- The expertise and hardware are required in order to manage hosting, so in-house hosting might be costly. Hence, managed server hosting is an ideal IT solution with no compromise on control or suitability.

Effective Resource Usage- When a company have IT staff, they better know that skillful IT employees are costly. Keeping this factor in mind, it makes complete sense to ensure that you better use these resources. At the point of making a decision of managed dedicated server hosting provider that they should take care of maintenance and operation of servers so that IT staff focus on core tasks of the company.

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