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MotoCMS is a website builder. It is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software that users can utilize to create websites, that are responsive and professional looking. The creator doesn’t need to have special knowledge or programming skills to be able to make attractive, SEO-friendly sites using this software.

It can handle portfolio sites, business sites, and even ecommerce sites rather easily, what with its wide array of templates that helps a user with plenty of features they can use. It is really simple to use this software sine what the user does is modify the existing MotoCMS templates and make their site. However, they have to purchase it and get it hosted.

MotoCMS belongs to the downloadable group of website builders – a group which was traditionally very popular for photography or small enterprise websites since it is geared for visual elements and provided lots of visual tools, which ensured an aesthetically appealing site.

The site of MotoCMS is a sleek one, with impressive purple overtones. There is ample helpful information and a huge array of languages to choose from, which ensures its appeal all over the world. Then there are options galore. The user can edit their existing template, and all settings related to themes, fonts, widgets, etc. can be easily configured, along with elements like buttons, page dividers, etc.

There is also a media library which helps a user manage media files for their website. Many images come bundled with the theme; however, the user can easily add their own files too.

MotoCMS provides excellently crafted templates that appear completely professional and can be customized through the admin panel so that the user can make them completely unique to their site.

MotoCMS is not an open-source software program. In order to use it, the user has to pay a license fee.

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