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Managing Virtualization Made Simple

The conventional method of one application for one server was proving to be a strain on computer resources. This is because all the servers do not perform optimally at the same level. Whereas each server needed power, OS and had be managed and supervised. Virtualization allows multiple applications to be shared on a single server, saving costs of multiple servers. This whole exercise gave room to what is called managing virtualization.

An application is paired with the parent operating system in a virtual machine. It is managed with the help of Virtualization Management software which is used to create virtual machine, install and test the same. Thus virtualization management is to provide complete management solutions to assorted virtual machines simultaneously through a single application.

Virtualization management is also referred as virtualization manager or hypervisor. Managing virtualization is used for the following:

- Create, modify or delete virtual machines or networks
- Ensure all virtual machines are updated with the installed OS
- Maintain network connectivity
- Monitor the overall performance of the virtual machine and if need be use the management software to provide more memory or processing power
- It is used to update the systems and if a new patch is to be applied

Managing virtualization now embodies a larger role which goes beyond smooth running of applications. It is also used for planning by observing usage pattern.

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