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Methods for Cloud Data Protection

Businesses are increasingly depending on clouds these days, storing their valuable documents, confidential financial records and even ID scans on the cloud. This is why the methods for cloud data protection assume a lot of significance today. There are some measures by which you can ensure that the data in the cloud stays secure and private; these are through backups, disaster recovery, business continuity etc.

Data Protection Measures:

- Of these, backup is the simplest and the most commonly used process for data protection. In a backup, a copy of the data in question is derived from the official working copy. The backup copy is especially useful for recovering and restoring data when starting an application properly.
- Disaster recovery refers to the recovery of the whole IT infrastructure in a remote location when the primary site has been rendered unavailable temporarily due to some natural calamity or accident.
- Business continuity refers to both disaster recovery and operational recovery. The latter means recovery from any particular problem at the primary site like failure of the disk or server or an application.

When deciding on the best method for cloud data protection you need to determine how valuable this data is for your business and how necessary it is to protect it. So, you must define the privacy levels you need before looking for cloud data protection for it. For instance, there are cloud services which offer local encryption for your files besides storing them and creating backups.

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