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MODx is a Content Management System (CMS) application that provides the user with an easy to learn and use set of tools so that they can build the type of website they want. It makes creation of a website an easy task with its WYSIWYG editor, template management system, and module structure.

MODx is SEO optimized too. It doesn’t place any limits in front of the user. With MODx, the user can type their code and it is displayed exactly as the user wanted. There are some requirements that need to be met before MODx can work correctly. Some of these are Apache 1.3.x-2.2.x, PHP 4.3.11 and above, etc. Also, in browsers, the user will have to use either Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above, or Apple Safari 1.2 and above, to manage applications properly.

MODx has a loyal fan following, a community, and a properly documented code. It powers the websites of many organizations and also has its own cloud solutions.

Some Features of MODx are as Follows:

Ease of use – it has a properly laid out interface. There is a dashboard, and separate menus for tools, system, users, site, etc. While it may be confusing for a first time user, help is always at hand.

Flexibility and customization – MODx is excellent at customization. It allows the user to choose their own WISIWYG editor, and if they don’t want an editor, they can simply work on raw HTML. MODx lets the user customize every single detail of their website, even the finer ones.

Help and support – Apart from the active community forum and extensive documentation, MODx provides options galore for Custom Development. The user can hire a pro for the tougher chores. Also available are books, online guides, and even MODx events that one can attend.

Miscellaneous features – MODx offers a repository of add-ons and cloud hosting solutions too.

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