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MyBB stands for MyBulletinBoard.Previously known as MyBBoard,it is open source forum software designed and developed by MyBB group. Written in PHP language, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite as database systems, in addition to providing database failover support. This is free and very powerful open source forum software with pretty powerful, extensible and intuitive features that allows you to run an efficient and captivating community. It has an extensive range of themes and plugins which offers you the flexibility to build a community exactly to tour own specification.

This powerful open source forum software licensed under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) was initially founded by Chris Boulton in 2002 as DevBB. The first version MyBB 1.0 was published in 2005 and one year later in December 2006 MyBB 1.1 was released.

Some of the Primary Advantages Offered by MyBB are Mentioned as Following:

- A highly advanced and sophisticated warning system

- Calendars and event functionality are present

- It offers search engine friendly URLs. This is a very important feature as easy search engine detection allows for enhanced online visibility resulting in high quality, high volume traffic to your websites.

- It also offers configurable search engine detection facilities

Main Features of MyBB

We shall discuss in brief general features, member features, posting features and thread display features of this forum software.

General Features

It offers the flexibility of creating multiple languages on your forum. Languages are fully customisable and you can customise them to your own specific needs.

Member Features

• Intuitive and user friendly easy to use control panel
• A good review system in place allowing members to rate each other
• Flexibility to add custom profile fields

Posting Features

• MyBB offers the facility to attach multiple posts to a single file
• New posts notified through emails
• Clickable smilies and BB code

Thread Display Features

• Printable versions of any thread available for viewing
• Threads can be sent through emails
• Both threaded and linear viewing mode available for your utmost convenience

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