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MongoDB is a database structure that has been created under the NoSQL format. It is an open-source database and deviates from the relational form of using tables and rows. It is a binary depiction of the JSON-like documents storage and data interchangeable format called BSON. The database supports the dynamic schema design in different fields and structures.

Features of MongoDB:

MongoDB comes with a unique auto-sharding feature that allows splitting of the data that has been collected and distributes it across multiple platforms.

MongoDB requires lot of resources. It draws lots of RAM and provides high-speed and space capacity.

It offers an excellent horizontal scaling that accommodates more data as the volume increases.

MongoDB is a cross-platform and is compatible to Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems

It allows complete secondary indexes, text and geospatial search, high security and data aggregation functionalities.

MongoDB applications are controlled by drivers that allow the users to opt for their preferred programming languages that include C, C++, c#, Java, Perl. PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Python.

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud enabled service for monitoring, managing and running MongoDB applications.

It replicates in two or more forms the data and ensures high availability. The primary set is mainly used for all reads and writes by default. The secondary set is used as a backup and is automatically made available when the primary set fails.

MongoDB was developed by Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz when they encountered scalability and developing issues with the relational database functionalities. They formed the 10gen Inc. in the year 2007 and commercialized the MongoDB software. The database was released as an open-source in the year 2009 and has been available under the GNU AGPL 3.0v commercial license. Since 2013 10gen Inc. has been renamed as MongoDB Inc. 

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