The cloud computing industry has encountereda steep growth in the past few years. Current SMEs are making use of cloud technology services in their businesses tovirtualize substantial portions of their servers. The growth is anticipated to increase over the next few years. Here are just a few of the major current trends in the industry today.

1. Hybrid clouds: Theon-going debate of private and public cloud model merits has been going on for a long time. The features of hybrid clouds within an infrastructure basically are a conglomeration of private cloud security alongside a cost-effective and powerful strategy of scalable public cloud attributes. That is why IT executives across the globe avail a huge range of choices to take care of personalized solutions. The big data within such a cloud advocates all the security experts for they are highly satisfied. To make all such hybrid models mainstream, more and more companies are now adopting this unique cloud deployment model.

2. BYOD: A huge number of consumer electronics across the globe are mobile devices. These are termed as "bring your own device" and this term is highly relevant when compared to the world of cloud computing. To ensure that the issue remains unresolved, many end users make use of mobile devices to exercise all the more data into a personal cloud service. This enables streaming, syncing and storage. This also implies that IT departments must deploy methods to come up with strategies to integrate personal cloud services. This is to ensure that employees deploy cloud in a BYOD environment with the help of tools like the Mobile Device Management.

3. Platform-as-a-Service: PaaS solutions permit businesses to decrease IT costs with the help of increasing application development needs. This is done via a highly effectual testing and expansion methods.
4. Big data analytics: Just as public and private cloud models organizations have now realized that simpler and beneficial ways can be combined to come up with big data analytics in cloud computing.It has experienced a huge emergence till date and will continue to do so in the coming years.