No doubt, cloud computing has become sought after platform for small and medium businesses that wish to flexibly and affordably access applications and data from anywhere with the support of web-enabled devices. In fact, cloud has the potential to meet and exceed rapidly changing SMBs needs by offering flexible computing capacity without the expense of owning and managing servers. With its ability to deliver applications and data on demand, it is natural to have some doubts about the security and reliability of cloud computing. Therefore, it is prudent to get informed about your preferred service providers for safeguarding and growing your business.

The Challenges of Securing Your Own Server

There is a revelation that managing your own servers may seem like a pragmatic approach to mitigate the risks associated with security, storage and accessibility of your company's data. It is sensible to ponder that if you control where the data resides, you would minimize the threats of data tampering or theft through shared resources and you can manage your own security setting. Before you decide to manage and secure your own server, it is crucial to realize the expansion of your security and disaster recovery capabilities. If reports are to be believed, SMBs mostly have insufficient resources to upgrade a proliferation of devices and applications or replicate their servers for instant restoration after a cyber-attack or natural disaster. This results in revenue loss and weakens business integrity.

Four Steps for Accessing the Performance of a Secure and Reliable Cloud Computing Provider

- Host your server in a data center that guarantees to provide protection against break-ins
- Data center that shoulders the responsibility of protecting your data from remote attack
- Main high levels of availability
- Data center that ensures to provide security to your data regardless of type and size.