Cloud computing is gaining in popularity day by day and being used in different forms. While change is the only constant as far as technical advancements are concerned, organizations look to combine their internal system with cloud to provide greater benefits. There has been a rise in hybrid cloud usage, big data analytics, SMB application protection, gamification, etc. Let us discuss these in detail:

Hybrid cloud on a rise With cloud computing going mainstream, it is hard for businesses to stick to one cloud hosting service. Companies are leveraging a perfect mix of private cloud and public cloud. They place less sensitive data on public cloud and safeguard business critical information by keeping it on private cloud.

Big data analytics Although big data appeared as a big rivalry to cloud computing in terms of capturing tech news headlines, organizations and SMEs have realized the potential power in combining the two. Big data as a service is emerging to become a feasible and innovative option for big data analytics. It is quite within the reach of any company irrespective of its size or resources and is definitely scalable as well.

Application protection for SMBs It has been quite hugely publicized or claimed that cloud computing offers great benefits to SMBs. As most of them can ill afford a complete application testing program or costly tools for internal safety check, cloud application protection makes it possible to do the same. The source code can be scanned on their web application -to identify any change -- in order to detect any potential cyber threats. Its presence on cloud makes it available on demand.

Gamification Marketing professionals have turned it into a very popular prospect. Companies are figuring out ways of using gaming to their advantage in terms of brand promotion.

Hence with more and more innovations expected to hit the market every now and then, it is safe to say that change is the only constant in terms of cloud computing advancements.