Cloud computing enables a business to gain stability and scalability. It a methodology designed to offer IT resources to the businesses 'on demand'. It denotes the storage and access to data and information over the Internet, in place of PC's hard drive.

On the basis of the organizational structure, cloud computing services can be organized in three different ways namely - public, private and hybrid cloud. Among these, public cloud is an easy cloud platform available for the general users. It is a scalable, flexible and cost effective cloud environment. This platform is generally owned by a public cloud service provider, who provides access to enterprises for various computing resources available in the cloud.

Cloud users need not purchase any hardware, software, or software upgrades, as all these services are facilitated by the service provider to support business requirements.

The features and advantages associated with public cloud can be enumerated as follows:

-Public cloud services can be easily availed through the medium of Internet. The users are not dependent on their location. In fact, the computing services can be obtained with an easy remote access to the IT infrastructure.

-Services such as PaaS, Iaas, & SaaS are fully supported by the public cloud platform. The organizations have the flexibility to integrate public cloud with private cloud and form the hybrid cloud environment, in order to perform business critical functions.

-The services of the public cloud are highly reliable, as the failure of a data center or one of the physical components will not hamper the functioning of the cloud services. The services can still be effectively delivered with the assistance of other servers & networks that form a part of the public cloud platform

-Public cloud services are cost effective, as it ensures economies of scale for its users.

-Public cloud enables the utility billing model, under which a user has to pay only for the resources utilized by him

In nut shell, public clouds provide a much faster, scalable and easily accessible cloud service infrastructure to its subscribers.