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Cloud server hosting allows businesses to enjoy access to resources as and when there are demands for these. Cloud hosting refers to a form of hosting where the client rents out a virtual server or the cloud server instead of buying a physical server as in dedicated hosting. Traditionally, businesses used to choose between shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is more affordable because there are multiple users which share resources of the same server. Dedicated hosting is costlier because here the resources of the entire server are used by a single client and not shared among-st many users. Dedicated servers will give you complete control over the servers resources. But the disadvantage of this type of hosting is that you will need to predict the traffic and the requisite resources. In case you cannot estimate the demand correctly, you may end up paying more for extra resources when the traffic spikes.

In cloud hosting, businesses get to enjoy the advantages of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This because resources can be scaled up and down in this type of hosting; this is why cloud servers are more flexible and cost-effective especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud hosting is beneficial because you can pay only for the additional resources when you need them instead of paying for them on a permanent basis. So, when traffic to a site escalates suddenly, additional resources can be accessed for the time being until there is no more need for them. Finally, cloud servers provide greater redundancy and if one server crashes, another takes its place.


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