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PHP Free Chat allows you to freely run a chat room on your website. It allows your visitors to chat through both public and private chat rooms. It is freely available software. It is an AJAX based chat server.

PHP Free Chat is very easy to install and does not even require a database to setup. It allows you completely to run a chat room on your website according to your needs.

PHP Free Chat is fast and very easily customizable. It uses AJAX to refresh and run the chat zone and the nick name zone without any hurdles or glitch. It is actively maintained. PHP Free Chat offers the feature of multi languages. It needs a simple file system for file and nick name storage.

PHP Free Chat offers customization from your desktops to your tablets and smart phones as per the need of your website. It comes with eight themes which gives the user a lot of options to design their chat room. Those themes are: blune, default, cerutti, green, Msn, Phoenity, Phpbb2, Zilveer.

PHP Free Chat provides the option of multi rooms, moderation, private messages, customize themes based on CSS and plug-in system. It also allows you your own chat commands. It also gives the option to write your own storage routines. Steps involved to run a chat room on your website using PHP Free Chat are as follows:


The web server should be PHP>=5.3.0, Apache server with htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled and you can also write the access from the installation directory.


It allows you to configure and personalize your chat room as per your requirement.


You can style your chat room using the various themes available


It allows you to write commands in your chat room just like the messages.

It is safe to say that PHP Free Chat makes it really easy and fast to design your own chat room on your website.

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