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phpBook is an open source, free non-commercial guestbook suitable for personal projects. It is elegantly designed and highly secure with several anti-spamming features and functions. It is written in PHP language and does not require MySQL database. It is a great PHP reference book that is ideally suited for both beginners and medium level users.

Some of Its Features Include

An attractive and design

It is fast and stable code

It offers language templates like English, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Danish etc.

It has location based templates across the world, continents and countries.

It offers protection from flooding of the guestbook comments and

It modifies and prevents long wording sentences to control the page layout

It prevents abusive language with dirty wording filters

It alerts the webmasters with email notifications

The web- admin- panel allows configuration and deletion of entries and

The moderators have the power to add, delete and post comments.

IP logging and banning, browser logging, page breaks etc.

It has over 90 smiley emoticons that are funny and The owners of the software have stopped offering maintenance and is seems there have been no updates and activities since over two years.

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