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phpOnline is free and open source live customer support system that can be altered, modified or customized to suit unique requirements of users. It is regarded as a user friendly live customer support script that facilitates a level playing field for small enterprises to compete with large organizations by offering a state of the art customer support service to customers. phpOnline uses php+MySQL+Flash for its operations.

phpOnline offers seamless support for help requests and can either be used as an additional facility right on your website or as a standalone customer service portal. Ideally, you need to check with your hosting provider for access to database if you are using shared hosting plan and wish to install phpOnline application. Access to database would not be a problem on VOS or dedicated servers. The current state of phpOnline is that it is no longer under development and should be used with caution due to possibility of hacking.

Outdated software lack immunity to attacks and cannot be relied upon for managing customer support initiatives. This is because a help desk may require customer to share email address and other personal information. Such information can be misusedby hackers if they are able to break into your system. It is also possible for hackers to gain usernames and passwords of users that can be misused to access other accounts of users.

phpOnline offers wide spectrum of features. It enables users to send email in case you are not online and also facilitates change of language by using configuration file. It offers multilingual support in most of the languages including Portugues do Brasil, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Finnish to name a few. It provides source of flash files created in Flash MX and ensures that runtime flesh components are compatible with Flash 8. phpOnline is no more being developed, with the latest version 2.1.3 dating back to 1st August 2008.

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