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What is Pixie Hosting?

Pixie hosting refers to an open source online application that is free of cost. Pixie allows users to create their own websites easily. It is a small and simple site creator which can be used by one and all. When you are looking for features like simple installations, an intuitive interface, clean URLs, CSS themes and WYSIWG editor, you should consider Pixie hosting. Many refer to the Pixie software as a content management system or a CMS. The virtual server is the most popular when it comes to installing the Pixie software because of its high-end performance, reliability, flexibility and affordability. You should choose a host which can cater to all Pixie hosting requirements.

Pixie is based upon the server-side scripting language PHP; it also uses MySQL databases for data storage purposes. It is free of cost and is released under the General Public License. It specifically targets individuals who wish to have their own home pages. It can also cater to the needs of groups and clubs as well as medium-sized companies, schools and organizations. While the software may be feature-rich, it is still quite easy to run. It comes with a simple intuitive interface, a 3-step installer, CSS themes and multi-lingual support for different languages. It is search engine-friendly with effective protection against spam, RSS feeds, and many user privileges.

The site administration panel is highly intuitive and this ensures that even the non-technical people can easily manage the site content. When you log onto the panel, you will be provided with a dashboard from where you can navigate and do many different tasks such as checking the traffic statistics or adding content or assessing latest activities on the site etc. Pixie can also be extended through plug-ins and blocks which do not come with complex code structures. The block feature helps to show the same content on many web pages and the information can be organized using tags. Pixie CMS hosting is therefore good for all websites.

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