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PmWiki Is a free software written in PHP scripting language released under the GNU General Public License. It is a wiki-based platform that allows the developers and users to change, edit and alter the software smoothly without any issues. PmWiki does not require any technical skills or knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Features of PmWiki:

It is simple to install, can be extended, customized and maintained to suit a variety of applications.

• It does not require MySQL or any database to be running on the server. It uses the flat text diffs. Using plugins, users can store their data on MySQL or SQLite database.

• Files are stored in the ASCII format and allows the administrator to edit the web pages directly.

• The software is created with the main purpose of the collaborative maintenance of the website applications.

• The administrator can easily change the page appearance and functionalities with its skins and HTML templates. They are allowed to create their own templates in case they do not find a suitable skin from the existing lot.

• The software allows the users to restrict access with password protection. It gives them the flexibility to extend the restriction to the entire web site or group of pages or individual pages. It adds to the security of the content as the administrator can decide who can edit and upload pages.

• PmWiki offers several anti-spam protection measures with the UserAuth script that allows the admins to manage large number of visitors. Only registered users are allowed to edit the pages.

• PmWiki comes with a PmWiki CookBook that offers hundreds of features using extensions called “recipes” where anybody is allowed to contribute. PmWiki requires PHP 4.3 and later versions and any webserver that runs PHP scripts. The software is written by Patrick R. Michaud and maintained by Petko Yotov, a Bulgarian developer. r various actions.

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