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phpBB is a popular, most widely used, open source forum script that is presently on the web. It is quite easy to install and administer. And another plus point is it allows for ample flexibility in designing and organization. It is released under the GNU license.

It is written in PHP. The name phpBB stands for PHP Bulleting Board. phpBB3 is the current version of phpBB. The earlier ones were phpBB 1.0 (released in December 2000) and phpBB 2.0.0 (called the super furry version which came out in April 2002).

It has a rich extensive database of user-created modifications and a styles database that contain hundreds of styles and images the user can utilize to customize their board and create a unique forum in a very short time.

A huge number of people, millions actually, use phpBB on a daily basis. This makes it the most widely used free bulletin board system across the globe. It has an extensive administration panel. This lets the user customize even the most intricate feature without editing code directly. Regular users are extremely appreciative of the ease with which phpBB can be integrated into the current systems.

Any user can make changes to the code without having to seek permission from the phpBB group. Changing and adding features is child’s play for most users and its installation is made real easy with online tutorials and detailed documentation.

phpBB has an active community of users who offer content like extensions, styles, etc. as their contribution to the project. They also work as supplementary support and provide assistance to the phpBB support teams. They are encouraged to participate in support request for the betterment of phpBB’s core code. 

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