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php.JS is a robust resource that is designed to ensure that almost all PHP concepts are assigned to JavaScript context to be used from within the code of JavaScript that is scalar PHP variables, functions, objects, and arrays. It also makes sure that special features of PHP including SPL interfaces and magic member functions are transferred to their JavaScript counterparts automatically.

If you want to convert your PHP variables into JavaScript variables, you can do the same very easily even in case of variables being complex and are nested arrays of objects. You are only required to assign PHP variables for php.JS to take care of everything else. It is also possible to transform variables returned from JavaScript back to PHP variables to be processed by your PHP code. php.JS is extremely safe because it runs in an isolated environment and enables access only to those PHP functions that are assigned by you.

The extension is designed to empower you by enabling execution of JavaScript right from PHP script. It is worth noting that the JavaScript leverages Google V8 engine for its operation. The same engine is used for powering Node.js as well as Google Chrome.

Php.JS not only ensures execution of JavaScript code, but also enables seamless integration between JavaScript and PHP. You can assign all types of variables including functions, numbers, strings, and complete objects as well. This facilitates their easy access and use from JavaScript.

The extension of php.JS focuses JS/Context class and ensures that the variables and functions that are being declared in one context are totally isolated and are not visible to any other context. This is due to the fact that the class belongs to an entirely isolated instance of v8 JavaScript engine. It is commonly regarded as a strong bridge that connects PHP and JavaScript.

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