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Pimcore is an open source platform for managing digital experiences that includes web content management, product management, digital asset management and e-commerce. It provides a much better and efficient way to consolidate PIM, DAM, CMS/WCM and E-commerce platform at one place.It is a content and product management framework.

Pimcore is built on Zend framework and provides powerful integration tools and native plug-ins. It can be configured to meet the exact product catalogue software requirements. Pimcore delivers rich and compelling experience across all the available channels. It enables organizations to increase engagement with customers.

Pimcore was officially started in 2009. It is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3 and Pimcore Enterprise license. Pimcore employs PHP programming language and the MSQL relational database management system. Pimcore has extremely flexible database, developer friendly and scalable e- commerce framework.

Pimcore Software Platform is Composed of:

Product Information Management

Pimcore provides flexible data management of product information including hierarchy, structure, validations, versioning and enriching of master data with the translation, description, attributes and other related data.

Web Content Management

Pimcore features single source and multi channel publishing functionality which makes it much easier to manage, update and integrate content from various sources.

Digital Asset Management

Pimcore enables tagging, sharing, consistent management and enrichment of digital media assets in any format across any channel.

E-Commerce Framework

Pimcore is a component based framework for creating B2B and B2C experience.

Pimcore has core strength and it also ensures that issues of design can be dealt in easy yet powerful way. Pimcore with its advances caching system, advanced image embedding and CDN support is highly reliable.

Pimcore has cutting edge technology, fast implementation, up to date and most flexible framework. It enables powerful professional content and asset management. Pimcore has wide market demand and significant customer growth.

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