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phpAlbum is an open source PHP script that is used to create personal photo albums. Photo galleries can be created within a span of minutes. All that the users require is a web space with FTP access. They do not require any database and the software comes with a one click installer that allows easy and quick upload of photos, fast upload of directories and galleries and use of photo albums.

Users have complete control and can decide on the permission levels to be given to viewers. Albums can be protected by restricting users to create ids and password. The users can create their own private galleries and deny access to others. Ability to turn to off mode to unauthorized persons who try to login. phpAlbum allows the visitors to post their comments on the photos and images but its comes with anti-spam security code. With the thumbnails, photos can be automatically resized and can be arranged in a systematic order.

phpAlbum in its later versions have come with the e-card feature which allows the users to create their personalized e-cards and send to their family and friends. Another new feature is its support to the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council). The Admins of the galleries have the authority to create new directories, upload photos, upload zip files in order not to lose the directory structure. phpAlbum offers a highly customizable layout which separates HTML structured layout from functional code allowing easier creation of new themes.

phpAlbum allows users to use short and long descriptions of galleries, directories and photos. It offers the ability to create screenshots for the files that have to be downloaded or even movies and audios and videos and many more. phpAlbum asks its readers, users and visitors to help with suggestions that would help them in improving their services. It was last updated a few years back.

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