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SQLite is a very useful RDBMS which stands for relational database management system. D Richard Hipp designed SQLite in 2000. It is a lightweight system when it comes to setup, resource usage and administrative purposes.

SQLite is database management system which is freely available for use. The code is there in the public domain which makes it free for everybody to use as per their requirement which might be for commercial or private purposes. It is a very useful system available very easily for everybody who wants to use it.

SQLite is the system which is contained in C programming library and is an in process library. It is a SQL database engine which does not require any separate server to function. It records all the user defined records in large tablets for further or future verification. It processes very complex query commands and it also combines data from different tablets to generate reports and create data summaries.

SQLite does not require any configuration thus is very easy and instant to create. It stores the database instance in a single cross platform file. SQLite has all its database system contained in separate and single library which also integrates itself into a host application. In short and crisp way SQLite is an in process library, which does not require any configuration and is a self contained transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite has all its transactions fully ACID compliant. It also supports most of the query language features. It is considered to be fully featured and extremely reliable Cloud database management system. SQLite is one of the most widely and extensively used database in the whole wide world.

SQLite has a variety of features which makes it such a preferred choice across the globe. It has a very reliable and quick to response development team which takes the responsibility of testing and verification very seriously.

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