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Data archive refers to a process by which data is moved when it is no longer being used in an active manner. This data archive happens in a storage device which is separately maintained and the data can be stored here for a long term. Archived data will therefore contain outdated or older data which continues to be important for a business and it may be needed again in the future. So, the data archive will be typically indexed to make it easier to search for data that you may need later on.

Data archiving must be done for securing and storing data for use in the long term. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that important data continues to be stored in secure locations from which they can be retrieved when required. This storage process is also going to have specific policies which depend on the data which is being stored.

There are many advantages to data archiving, of which a prime benefit is of course timely data discovery. You can locate or identify necessary files easily when data has been archived properly. So, presentations, spreadsheets and documents which may be needed from time to time can be accessed when you have a good archiving solution at your disposal. Data which is stored in the servers thus will also be analyzed, indexed and classified. This makes way for easy file searches.

Since data duplication may use up nearly 20% of the storage, when you have a proper archiving solution, you are able to locate such redundant data and then eliminate it. You will be able to destroy the unwanted data and files from file servers. With copies of files in the archives it is also possible to regulate backup times better, this will help to make more storage space and it will improve the RTOP and RPO.

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