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Dual Core Processors

To understand what the advantages of choosing dual core processors are, one had to first understand what the term dual core means. Dual core basically refers to a Central Processing Unit or CPU that is equipped with two execution cores. In other words, it has two processors combined and their cache controllers have been integrated into one integrated unit or silicon chip.

Why are Dual Core Processors Useful?

The dual core processor is popular because of its efficiency in multi-tasking environments. Since there are two execution cores in place of a single one, each has an independent interface. Since each of these cores also has its individual cache. There are ample resources for the operating system and this resource abundance allows it to handle even the most intensive computing tasks side by side. The multi core processors are very similar to the dual core one because these are basically an expansion of the same technology that provides for more than two processors to work in sync with each other.

The basic advantage of the dual core processor technology is that your computer will end up using less amount of energy to do a task and it will also deliver enhanced performance because there are two cores in place of a high-end single chip. Moreover, the dual core processor cache will also work better compared to a single chip design. There are less space requirements since the die for the dual core is printed on a single chip. You will not need to create two separate chips and you can save a lot of space in the process. What makes dual core technology more attractive is that it is reliable and time tested; such processors have an excellent reputation because of their robust design.

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