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What is Data Center Economizer?

A data center economizer is a means and system to cut down running cost of data center. A data center economizer is a data center air economizer. It is an important part of data center’s cooling system and infrastructure. A data center air economizer helps in cooling the data center hard ware and other facilities by leveraging outdoor air temperature which remains cooler than indoor air temperature. This considerably cuts down the power consumption in cooling infrastructure of the data center. It also thereby, helps in cutting down the running cost of the data center. Hence this term “Economy”.

Types of Data Center Economizers.
Data Center Economizers are Basically of Two Types, the Air Side Economizer and the Water Side Economizer.
The air side economizer brings the cooler outdoor air directly in to the indoor space of data center, if the outdoor air temperature and humidity are within permissible limits, and helps in cooling the temperature of the hardware and facilities.
The inner temperature of a data center, its hardware and facilities can heat up to 70 degree Fahrenheit. This air side economizer can very easily bring down the data center temperature by venting in cooler outdoor air, which remains less than 70 degree F in most of the time in a year.

A water side economizer works indirectly to help in cooling data center hard ware and facility temperature. A water side economizer uses the cooler outdoor air to cool down water to a level which in turn cools the cooling equipment's in the data center noida. It functions exactly like a water cooling chilling plant.
A water side economizer is a very easy to install cooling plant. It may be used as an additional support to already existing heat exchanger. A water side economizer helps in providing free cooling, when the conditions allow.
The Refrigerant based economizer is the latest addition in cooling systems. It is a part of traditional air cooled DX system. It allows the refrigeration process to be completed with the help of cooler outdoor air, without using any refrigeration compressors.

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