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Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP is a different Internet Protocol that is dedicated completely to one hosting account. It is on the contrary to usual configuration of different hosting accounts, depending on a single server with shared IP address.
Why Opt for Dedicated IP?

There are plenty of reasons that you should opt for dedicated IP. The list includes –

• High Web Traffic – If your website drives huge traffic, then you require a dedicated IP that can help in increasing the loading speed of website and remove changes due to which your website crashes.

• Security and SSL Certificates – If you own an online store and allow customers to purchases using credit cards, then you require SSL authentication. In order to get a SSL certificate, you should have a dedicated IP.
• Protection from Different Website Activities – If you have a dedicated IP, then there is no need to share your server with different websites. So, you don’t need to worry about the risk of putting complete server and running dishonest scripts.

• Boost SEO Rankings – The most popular search engine, Google gives uttermost importance to the sites that have dedicated IP addresses. As compared to shared IP, surely the dedicated IP will achieve good PageRank.
• Business Identity – Dedicated IP helps in building prospects’ and customers’ confidence in a business.

• Extend Hosting Functionality – A plenty of functions can only be enabled on dedicated IP, not on the shared IP like Anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  that gives you the permission to utilize FTP programs in order to access files via your website.
Advantages of Dedicated IP

Instead of relying on shared IP, it is better to go for dedicated IP. There are numerous advantages of having a dedicated IP, such as –

Less Downtime
SEO Benefits
More Stability

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