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DokuWiki is a wiki application which is written in PHP programming language and is licensed under GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL). GPL is a widely free software license which allows anybody and everybody the freedom to run, share and modify any software falling under this category. DokuWiki was created by Andreas Gohr in June 2004. It is a simple to use and multifaceted open source Wiki software which works on text files thereby eliminating the need for having a database. Easy and readable syntax, easy maintenance, backup and integration are some of the important factors which have extensively contributed to its immense popularity. It has a simple but immensely powerful syntax which ensures that the database remains readable outside Wiki. A large number of plugins, courtesy its large community of developers and fans makes it widely used software used for a variety of purposes beyond its traditional scope.

Advantages of DokuWiki

• DokuWiki is a popular choice when choosing Wiki software as it offers hosts of advantages not offered by other software in the similar capability.

• It is extremely easy to install and use

• Built-in access control lists

• Open source software

• Low system requirements

• It is device independent making it available on a wide variety of devices

• DukoWiki supports over 50 languages

Popular usages of DokuWiki

Wikis are quick to update and new pages are added at very very short intervals. The best thing about this open source software is that at allows all users to make a change in it without compromising on its value and integrity. An older version is always maintained on the server database to replace it with edited version if it fails to comply with the required guidelines. DokuWiki can be used as:

• Software manual
• Private notebook
• Corporate knowledge base
• CMS-intranet

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