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DoceboLMS is an open source software used in corporate and educational institutions. The LMS is an easy to use tool to establish, track and distribute online courses in multiple formats like SCORM, xAPI, AICC etc. for formal trainings and learnings for employees, decisions makers and customers across the globe. DoceboLMS was founded in the year 2005 by Claudia Erba. It is written in PHP language and released under the GPL v license. The program is available in over 30 languages. The Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based Docebo is a highly advanced online education platform for both formal and informal learning.

Features of DoceboLMS

Set up an ecommerce website and create own online courses through Docebo

Create a comprehensive training approach of eLearning classrooms and web conferencing within the Docebo

Enterprises can customize and create their own multi-purpose learning management system (LMS) with their own logos, styles, colors and layout.

Docebo allows its users to structure their own trainings and certification programs

Docebo applies game design thinking to the learning courses that will ease the training pressure on the employees and improve their concentration without getting stressed and distracted.

Make the training more fun and competitive by offering badges and merit certificates or awards to the learners while achieving their goals

The LMS has interfaces for HR systems and video conferencing allowing better collaboration efforts and contributions from employees allowing them to share their knowledge.

DoceboLMS enhances the web conferencing experience by combining with third party applications like Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Bluejeans, Go to Meeting, Go to Training, Go to Webinar, OnSync,, WebEx, Teleskill and SkyMeeting etc. DoceboLMS is an integrated platform where the training experts and learners meet to build and create a better practice where the best performers are recognized and applauded by co-workers and trainers

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