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Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency

Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency term can be abbreviated as DCIE, which is a standard performance improvement metric used to evaluate the energy efficiency consumed by a data center in an organization. This well accepted metric is the percentage value, which is generated by dividing IT equipment power by total facility power.

DCIE standard formulation was created by the members of Green Grid (anon-profit association whose aim is to become the global authority on divulging resource efficiency used in information technology and data center noida).

The Formula of Calculating DCIE can be Derived as:

DCIE=IT Equipment Power/Total Facility Power x 100%

Take the measurement of energy use from the utility meter. Please note that, if the data center is in a mixed-use facility or situated in an office building, take the measurement from that utility meter which is connected to the data center. If it is not on separate utility meter, then one can minus the amount of power being consumed by the non-data center portion from the above mentioned equation and get the appropriate result.

DCIE can also be formulated as the reciprocal of Power usage efficiency (PUE), whereas PUE is the total facility power divided by the IT equipment power.

It can be expressed as: DCIE = 1/PUE. 

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