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DBMS expandable to database management system is a software which enables its users to define, set up, store and maintain a database. The users can retrieve any information; modify it as and when required.
DBMS comprises of five components

1. Hardware: This is the infrastructure where the actual data is stored and from where the users can access the information they require. They run on different machines from small microcomputers to large mainframes.

2. Software: This is the core part of the DBMS. The requests made by a user for information from the physical database where the data is stored is all handled and provided by the software. The DBMS controls and manages the access of information.

3. Data: This is the meat of the entire system. It is the bridge that connects the machine to the end users. The database contains all the information that is required by an organization. It is built for specific purposes as per the requirements of the users.
4. Users: There are different types of users of a DBMS. They may be requiring different types of software capabilities to access, retrieve or modify any information.
5. Procedures: This is the rules and values that oversee the design and the usage of a database. It gives you the method to be implemented on how to access i.e. login to the database, use any application, how to start and close a program, create backup copies of the information, and detailed explanation on how to manage the infrastructure failures and similar issues.

Having a DBMS allows more efficiency in storing information. It eliminates duplication saving plenty of space. The DBMS can be designed in a manner where the information accuracy can be maintained. The data can be shared and retrieved among multiple users in a systematic and organized manner. It can provide backup and recovery at times of any infrastructure failures.

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