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Data center backup is a process of creating backups of information, storing, archiving and retrieving it when necessary. Data could include all the files, applications, and all other forms of content.
There is a tremendous increase in the volume of data that is generated each day and it really gets difficult for an enterprise to manage all the information. In-house backup systems are unable to cope up with the challenges and losing out important data resulting in huge losses. Security threats loom large as a possible catastrophe.
Organizations today largely depend upon the third-party managed service providers for their data center backup solutions. With customized backup solutions and incessant recovery process, the data center backup works as an ideal and cost-effective solution for the enterprises. Every level of data including files, devices, databases, on-site and off-site physical storage comes as an all-inclusive wide-ranging data safety and protection strategy.
The client can precisely choose what data they want to be backup up. Backups are done on both physical devices as well as virtually in the cloud environment enabling easy and quick recovery at times of any mishap.
The data centers, where the data is stored, have around the year physical security and are in total compliance with all regulations and certifications. Backups are done using the data encryption with private encryption keys making it more secure.
Versioning is a feature through which a client can recover the older version of an information that has been overwritten. Usually, the period for versioning is up to 4 weeks by default. However, some of the service providers allow the client to customize their backup versioning for certain applications.
Data center backup solutions are mandatory for every business today. Without backup solutions, one would need to start all over again resulting in loss of money and reputation.

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