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Data center container is a flexible structure built with the twin aims of reducing a company’s power consumption and cooling expenditure as well as gives the facility the flexibility to increase the data center capacity as the requirements demand. Being portable, the data center container can be relocated and deployed anywhere. It is easier and faster to deploy than the traditional data center.
Data center containers are also often referred as modular data centers. They are cheaper, faster and offer superior energy performance in comparison to the traditional data centers. The significant advantage of a modular or containerized data center is it can be built with the right quantity of power, cooling, space, capacity as per the needs and can be scaled on demand.
You can save on server packing material since the containers come preinstalled on the server. You may use the servers instantly. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. The installation requires only plugging into a power connection, a water connection to use as a cooling solution and a data connection. You do not have to worry about power distribution (AC or DC) liquid cooling or air cooling.
The data center containers are more cost-effective since you are billed on the pay-as-you-go model with reduced capital investment and is more resource saving as you do not pay for the services that you do not use.

Data center containers come in very few sizes. This could be a restriction for some organizations since they may find the size too small or too big for their use. The capacity is limited based on the external shape of the container. They can serve the needs of a limited number of users. The data center managers consider it as an option that can be deployed when the need arises. The containers must have a standard pattern for the door locations, cable/water entry points.

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