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Data Synchronization

Data synchronization is a technique of creating consistency amidst data set from a source to a destination data storage medium and vice-versa, and the persuasive synchronization of data over a significant time period. In simple words, this technology is specifically designed to synchronize-data between two or more devices, by keeping automatic changes back and forth. For instance, a user’s contact list on one mobile device can be synchronized with other device(mobile, PC, laptop, tab,etc.).

Data synchronization can be a local synchronization process, where by the device and computer are being kept side-by-side and data is transferred. In a similar manner, remote synchronization is the process when a user is mobile and the data is synchronized over a mobile network. Also, there are tools available for file synchronization, version control, distributed file systems and mirroring, which are the part of data synchronization.

File Synchronization: It is commonly applied on home backups. This process automatically prevents copying of identical files; hence it saves considerable time in comparison to manual copying method.

Version Control: Such tools are compatible to deal with situations where multiple users can simultaneously modify the same file.

Distributed File Systems: It is the process in which multiple versions of a file are synchronized.

Mirroring: On the internet, a mirror is the exact copy of a data set or it can be a copy of the website as well.
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