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Data Deduplication

Data deduplication is a term used in computing. Data deduplication is a specialised technique of data compression. This technique is used to remove and eliminate every duplicate copy of those data, which are repeating itself.
Data deduplication is a technology that is somewhat same as Intelligent Data Compression or Single Instance data storage. This technique is very useful in improving utilisation of data storage space and quality. Data deduplication is also very useful in making transfers of data on network. This technique helps in greatly reducing the number of bytes, that is essential to be sent for data transfer.
In the process of data deduplication, byte patterns or special chunks of data are identified. These bytes or data are stored away, during the process of data analysis. Other chunks of data or bytes are compared with the stored copy, as the analysis of data continues. The redundant chunk of data or the byte is replaced with a small referral, pointing to the stored data, as and when a match occurs. This may happen a thousand times during the process of data analysis. This helps in reducing greatly the amount of data or the bytes that need to be stored or transferred.
What Are the Advantages of Data Deduplication?

Data deduplication is extremely useful in reducing the amount of storage that is required to store a given set of files. This helps tremendously in those cases of data storage where many copies of similar or identical data have been stored on a single disk.

Data deduplication also proves to be greatly useful in case of network data. Network data deduplication has proved to be very effective in reducing the number of bytes which are essential to be transferred from one end to another, in turn reducing the amount of required bandwidth.
Data deduplication is very beneficial for virtual servers and virtual desktop machines. Data deduplication allows separate system files to be condensed into a single space for data storage.

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