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Django is an open source and freely available web application framework publicly released in 2005. It is written in Python. Django is built by experienced developers and takes care of similar problems faced by web developers. It has many readymade and similar set of components like singing in, signing out, signing up that helps to develop websites faster and easier without re-writing the same code again and again.

Easy to Create Complex and Database-Driven Websites

Django is user-friendly and easy for the complex and database-driven websites. It uses the object-oriented programming concept like reusability e.g. same component can be reused for the same use on different application.

No Need of Special Characters

Django does not use any special character in the code like $,: , ; and so on, to end the command line. Therefore, the developer makes less or no mistakes, which ensure that development, debugging and editing, are faster.

Structured Programming Codes

Django uses a structured programming code, which makes it easy for the new web developers to read and upgrade the old code. There are a number of modules that are same; therefore, the developer need not write the same code again as he can add the same code dynamically.

Ability to Generate Administrative Panel Dynamically

Django is the most powerful framework today as it has the ability to generate admin panel dynamically like add, edit and delete. This means the administrator can add new users and set rights dynamically.

Better Database and Module Handling

Django uses python database and provides better data manipulation or migration features.

Adding New Group or User

If there is already a group which is configured by the developer to add many users in the existing group, then the user can add his group using the plus (+) sign on the right, configure the group and come back to add new user without losing any important data. This is a very important feature called relational linking, which makes Django a unique framework.

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