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Data Migration

Data migration is a procedure applied to transfer data from one system to another. It could be changing of storage, database, applications or all of them. Data migration may be necessitated during an upgrade of hardware, or when shifting to a new software, or when there is a merger and the information from the two merging companies need to be consolidated into one.
Data migration can be performed in three ways:-
Storage migration:

Applications that use typical interfaces to access data are simple and easy to move. It is important to be careful when moving applications that run on proprietary systems. This is because the source code is generally with the vendors and problems come if they are not in business anymore.
Database migration:

This again is not so complicated if the database has been in use only for storage purpose. The transferring of data from one database to another is a simple process. The only issues that may arise is if there is some unmatched data type or the character sets are different. Unmatched data types will require to use the closest type to where the data is being moved.
If the database is being used for more reasons than data storage, it will require attention to ensure there are no issues. Users will have to implement a few changes in case the target database does not support all the features. Users must then use some third-party applications.
Application migration:

Applications use different methods and formats to store data. it will require a full process of extract, transform and load process. Typically, application migration covers and includes the above mentioned two migrations.
Character encoding:

PC developed systems use the ASCII encoding while the mainframe systems use the EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) encoding .

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