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Dolphin refers to a content management system which has been specially designed for creating social networking websites. It is a specialized CMS that lets users become its members and they can then interact with one another or form groups. Dolphin offers a wide array of features and you will find that most web hosting service providers offer a single-click installation for this CMS. It is one of the most advanced software solutions and it is open source; it has evolved into a rather robust suite of functions which can successfully integrate Flash applications, PHP scripts to build media sharing portals, dating websites, social networks and niche communities.

What Features Have Made Dolphin Hosting Popular?

• Dolphin is very flexible and allows webmasters to use it to create any type of community site through adding new functions, including custom features or removing features on the go etc. These solutions are supported by unencrypted source codes which mean that webmasters are totally free to install Dolphin and build a unique social network. Compared to other software, Dolphin becomes fully operational with immediate effect and you do not need to go through a lot of configurations or customizations. Installation is straightforward and hassle-free.

• Since it is open source, Dolphin is free of cost and virtually limitless. It comes with many important modules, mobile, Flash and desktop applications. You can build new features through page builders and free templates; users can get membership. Dolphin can also be extended with many community extensions or plug-ins. It also receives a lot of support from millions of webmasters all across the globe.

• The package include video chats, video messenger, groups, files, media sharing, blogs and a host of attractive features that are needed for creating a very powerful and interactive social networking site. Webmasters have a free hand in customizing source codes and install this application. For this, they do not require advanced scripting knowledge. Finally, the architecture is very scalable and allows webmasters to include many members.

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