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dotProject is project management application that runs on volunteer services of a group of individuals. There is no organization or a particular individual who is behind the project. It is supported by the users themselves. Being a free open-source software, the project is available and accessible by everybody who wants to download it. The group of volunteers are always available to maintain and support the project.

dotProject is related to project management which is all about organizing a number of tasks and the schedule associated with the tasks to get the ultimate objective. Some of the functions that the project management involves are risk management, project planning, contract negotiation and many similar which again may vary based on the projects that a business is associated with.

Features of dotProject:

It provides tools to manage schedules, tasks, communications and sharing.

The web-based project management framework also offers features like forums, files, projects, calendars, tickets, helpdesk etc.

It is an on-premises project mainly suiting the small businesses.

dotProject is cost and time cutting solution for users looking to create budgets while managing expenses within a platform.

It comes with a built-in collaboration offering a social platform like forum that is amicable to all users.

It acts as an important issue tracking tool to solve different issues through multiple workflows. This allows all teething problems in a business to be handled efficiently.

dotProject was first developed in the year 2000 by Will Ezell as an open source alternative to the Microsoft Project with a similar interface and an added feature of project management. It uses the PHP programming language and in 2007 the version 3 of the project was initiated using the Zend Framework. The project is released under the GNU/GPU version license. dotProject is an inflexible platform and does not offer customizable features.

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