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Data Center Migration

Data center migration is an important process that involves transfer and deployment of data from one data center to another. A successful migration involves systematic planning so that the existing data center environment can be transferred to a new facility with ease. While doing this migration, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind is the downtime of the company. Less the downtime, better it is. Data center migration is also called relocation of data center Noida.

What Are The Steps Involved In Successfully Migrating A Data Center?

A data center migration process must be thoroughly planned so that the downtime of the business can be minimized. In fact, the entire process has 4 essential steps and they are-

Step 1- Making the decision to go for the migration. While making such a decision, it is important to decide what the essential things that are needed to be moved.

Step 2- Reviewing the environment is important. Along with it, the equipment inventory performance review is also essential.

Step 3- Initiation of the move after gathering a team or appointing the right company for the data center migration.

Step 4- Once the migration is done, it's now time for documenting the same. In fact, proper testing must be done to check whether everything is working fine in the new data center facility and environment.
Now, let’s elucidate each step so that it becomes easier for everyone to follow suit-

• Make Proper Decision About What You Are Moving

When a data center migration is done, it involves proper planning. While making that plan, it’s important to earmark the equipment that is needed to be moved. Always keep in mind that during the migration process some equipment may breakdown. In fact, in some case you will see that it’ll best for you to move some equipment and buy new in place of the old ones, until and unless they are indispensible. While making such a decision of moving your data center, one of the questions you have to answer at the very onset is - Will you and your team be able to migrate the data center items successfully? If not then you can go for specialized data center migration service. It’ll cost you some bucks but will definitely ensure a risk-free, tension-free, and successful migration.

• Review Environment and Equipment Inventory Performance

Before you unplug anything in the existing data center, it’s important for you to check the loading dock as well as system logs. Inventory documentation must also be checked thoroughly. You must ensure that everything is on record and documented. It’s also important to put required tags on what equipment is migrated to the new facility and what is staying. Taking proper backup is also very important so that you can start from where you have ended.

• Select your team for the migration

If you are migrating for yourself, it’ll be important for you to select a team for the move. This may also include a movers and packers team that will assist in making the actual move from one facility to another. In case, you have appointed a specialized data center migration service, it’ll be entirely upon them to make a successful move to the new facility.
• Documentation as well as Testing

Once the data center migration is done to the new facility, it’s now your task to test and check whether everything that was planned has been moved properly. Cross check the list of systems, applications, and equipment. Now, test whether everything is working fine. Once the testing is done and nothing wrong is found, it means the data center migration is successful and you are ready to move.

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