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Dolibarr ERP is an open source and free software designed for small sized and medium sized businesses, freelancers and foundations. This software includes different features meant for CRM or Customer Relationship Management and ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. The Dolibarr CRM and ERP is an easy-to-use software package which allows you to manage your business functions easily through invoices, order,, stocks and products, shipments, emails and agenda.

The software is also designed to help freelancers and foundations. You may set it up as a stand-alone application; alternately, it can also be installed online on dedicated servers so that you can access it from anywhere.

Dolibarr incidentally is also available as a SaaS application on ready-to-use cloud services.

Dolibarr ERP and CRM has been built by modules addition so you can enable only those features that you require. This open source project is based upon MAMP, LAMP or WAMP server; it is however different from other ERP software, such as OpenERP or Compiere or OpenBravo etc since it was designed to be far more simple. It is not only easy to install, it rather simple to use and develop too.

It will take care of customers and suppliers, stock management, catalogue for products and services, management of contracts and commercial proposals, contacts directory, invoice management, order management using PDF generator, shipping management and standing orders management, emailing, agenda, Point of Sale, Bookmarks management, donations management, reporting and data export tools, LDAP connectivity etc.

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