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Data center storage is an integrating phrase that refers to the hardware equipment and software technologies that facilitate application and data storage within a data center facility.
In the initial days when the information was less, the storage was being managed on tape drives and hard disk drives. Today, it is a completely different scenario with the tremendous increase in data, virtual storage, and third-party management system etc.
Data is now accessible easier, faster, and is more secure than before. Although the traditional forms of Network Attached Storage(NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) continue to be implemented they are modified, enhanced, and compatible with the modern-day data centers. With the advent of the cloud-based technologies, data storage is no longer being deliberated upon. It has now become an automatic infrastructure necessity.
The data center storage infrastructure includes all the important physical products and technologies that are necessary to build a top quality modern storage facility. The hardware components include backup storage and networking equipment like switches, routers etc. SSDs (solid State Drives) have become faster, cheaper, and more durable. SAS and SATA drives have emerged and overshot the traditional disk drives. The high performing SSDs facilitate replication and compression of data enhancing the backup storage. More software-driven storage trends are likely to come into implementation.
The data center is a primary unit to maintain an enterprise-level, private cloud with the agility of the public cloud. Data storage is of paramount importance to meet the increasing demands of the consumers. Scalability, security, and easy access to data, software, applications, and other proprietary data are becoming more challenging. The data centers, nowadays, are built to deliver superior scalability, high-speed, agility, and ease of use for the IT professionals. The legacy storage system will not work in today’s virtual storage system making it more redundant and resilient.

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