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Sails.js is a complete MVC- style framework for Node.js specifically designed to develop server-side applications in JavaScript. Sails.js is an ideal platform for the startup developer looking for quick and easy experimental solutions without sacrificing quality. It is an easy to build service oriented architecture that offers several components that can be used to establish codes and build a sophisticated enterprise-level application. It is written in JavaScript, a language which is already in use in the browser, which means the user requires to be proficient in only one language.

It is also compatible to all the frameworks like Angular, IOS/Objc., Backbone, Windows Phone, Android/Java and many more similar. Sails.js helps in backend functions without the need of writing any code for it. The users can search, sort, filter, destroy, update with ease with its auto-generated API. It does not require two separate codes for adding real time features. Sails.js interprets incoming socket messages by providing automated compatibility to all. Sails uses the Express, a web framework for Node.js, for all the web development needs.

Express gets all its components out of the box from Sails.js. It packs the powerful ORM Waterline, that offers data access coating to all types of databases including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis and local disk. The Sails framework can be customized allowing the users to add, remove or replace the core components without affecting the functions and stability. Sails.js comes with role based accessed control by default and provides several security policies with encapsulation ensuring maximum protection from any outside meddling and manipulation to the client’s data. The Sails framework can be implemented chats, real-time dashboards, or multi-player games that needs a service-oriented and scalable architecture.

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