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Serendipity is a Content Management System that is an ideal solution for small enterprises and bloggers. Serendipity can be availed via one click installation service or can be directly deployed as free version. It offers a modular plugin architecture that facilitates users to modify appearance and set of features even if they have little technical knowledge.

The layout as well as interface of Serendipity is comparatively basic and offers remarkable flexibility of tweaking with help of a plethora of styles and templates. The templates offered by Serendipity are based on Cascading Style Sheets that can be modified even on the fly. Serendipity provides facility of Spartacus as its plugin manager that enables addition of multiple functionalities as well as an online repository of plugins and themes.

Serendipity uses MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL as database backend and is written in PHP. It offers remarkable simplicity and can be used even by those bloggers who are not having much experience. It is also regarded by serious bloggers for its clean PHP code, flexibility, security and speed of performance. Serendipity provides unhindered extensibility and stability. Users can extend their blogging capabilities by adding over 40 templates and more than 120 plugins with help of a mouse click. Serendipity attempts to facilitate bloggers to maintain a blog as well as an extendable framework to execute professional applications.

Serendipity provides well organized and easy to install plugins that need no downloads and offers a clean and simple way to create blog. It facilitates toggling between draft and publish modes and empowers users with ease of uploading images and posts right from control panel.

Serendipity facilitates multi-author blogging with customizable read and write permissions. It offers WISYWIG editor as an option and provides a powerful plugin system with remarkable security and extensive comment spam filtering. Serendipity enables single step functionality for blog creation and is extremely easy to install and does not lead to significant addition to monthly hosting charges.

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