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Server Based Computing

Server based computing (SBC) refers to a technology whereby applications get implemented, supported and operated on the server rather than by the client. A server based environment is therefore responsible for upgrading the hardware, deploying applications, offering technical support and backing up data. The computers are converted into terminals and may be replaced by simpler and affordable devices which are known as “thin clients”. This is why the server based computing (SBC) is also popularly called “thin client computing”.

Server based technology has gained more and more focus in the last five years, primarily due to the fact that there are more compatible devices now than there were once. This is especially clear from the fact that the devices that deploy these technologies have undergone a surge in the last decade. the manufacturers were prudent in identifying the tech of the future and had already set server-based technology in the place.

Benefits of Server Based Computing:

- With SBC, administrators find it easier to deploy, monitor, manage and support different applications since these are held on a central machine or server and are managed from one point.
- Users can access desktops and applications from different client devices such as tablets and hybrid equipment's.
- Users can also access these devices from any place on the network.
- Because data is retrieved from a server, performance is better since the server is always more powerful.
- The data is also maintained in a secure environment because the server is stored inside a secure server room which is far safer than the user’s desk.
- New servers or new clients can be conveniently added as and when needed.
- The servers are better monitored and the operating system is also more secure.

Besides these benefits, the terminal servers are designed to resist faults and perform load-balancing guaranteeing more reliability.

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