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SAP HANA is the newest ERP solution from SAP. It is an in-memory database platform that can be deployed on-premise or can be offered via the cloud. The in-memory computing technology allows HANA to process the data stored in RAM rather than the usual practice of reading from a disk. This enables the applications to provide instant results for any data analysis and consumer transactions.
SAP HANA is built to provide structured data from both SAP and non-SAP relational databases. It can use three types of data replication on the source of the data i.e. trigger-based, log-based, or ETL-based (Extract, Transform, and Load). It significantly reduces the total IT costs.
SAP HANA is efficiently used in several Analytics and Applications.
SAP HANA Specializes In-

1. Real-Time Analysis:

Operational Reporting-
It offers in-depth insights into
a- Sales Reporting- improve fulfillment rates, escalate sales processes etc.

b- Financial Reporting- profits, accounts payable, customer billing.

c- Purchasing Reporting- real-time analysis of order history and transactions.

d- Shipping Reporting- complete stock review, analysis, and reporting.

Data Warehousing- BW applications can be applied to the SAP HANA platform to accelerate BW performance. Data loads improve 5 to 10 times faster, queries can run 10 to 100 times quicker and calculations be completed 5 to 10 times faster.
Big Data Predictions and Text Analysis- With HANA it is possible to perform text and predictive analysis on large volumes of data.
2. Real-Time Applications:
Accelerators: The in-memory technology allows quick and non-disruptive ways to accelerate business reporting with replication of transactional data.

Planning: HANA can create scheduling of complex applications and deliver reports like sales & operation planning, cash forecasting, business objects planning, ATP calculations etc

Sense and Response Applications- Get in-depth insight into Big Data like Point-of-Sale data, Social Media data, and smart media data. SAP HANA can also leverage unstructured data.

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