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Symfony is the basic and standard foundation which acts as the most important and reliable source for building PHP applications. The best PHP applications are build on this foundation. It is a set of reusable PHP components.

Symfony is registered under the MIT Licence. It is freely available for everybody and is published so since 18th October 2005. It is web application framework for PHP which is a set of only the reusable PHP components. It is very easy to install and very user friendly and extremely convenient installation.

Symfony is an extremely well and properly executed and implemented PHP web framework. It aims to not only speed up the creation process of the web applications but it also completely and with extreme caution and diligence maintains them. It also ensures the replacement of repetition of all the coding tasks during the process.

Symfony is PHP framework which is a full stack web framework. It enables the user to develop any kind of websites which includes all types of websites. It helps the user to very easily and conveniently customize the security features as per their requirement.

Symfony is been designed with the aim to pace the speed of creation of the web application. It also helps to maintain the web application management in the proper form to assist the user in the development and maintenance of the web application development.

Symfony has been created with the purpose of speeding the process of creation and also of maintenance of the web application. It also has the feature to replay all the repetitive coding tasks which is controlled by power and pleasure.

Symfony has been inspired with a web application framework such as Ruby on Rails, Spring and Django. It has a new version coming up every six month as new release. It is a very useful and widely used web application management system.

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