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SMTP Authentication

SMTP Authentication permits a business or client to display sever so that a client can send e-mail via server.
In many of the cases, a client can send emails without any authentication to the local mail addresses of the domain (for instance, from to as the server has no need to send email to the external servers. The authentication is needed when a recipient is out of the local domain (for example, send form to, given that both the email addresses use different servers).
Some of the servers need a client to validate itself when sending an Email to the local domain. However, most of the renowned case is contradictory. Some of the servers not at all support the authentication; however, allows client to relay emails without limitations (known as open relays). In order to prevent such server spammers, it limits the list of IP address of allowing sender.  In case, when a client’s application remains on this kind of server and it permits unauthenticated servers to send emails at the time when they connect with the computer.

The moment authentication is allowed, the server requires submission of the login name and password on the server. Login name is quite a tricky thing as it needs client account name, domain/account, domain\account\alias in Microsoft Exchange, account@domain, and others. In case, in Outlook (that uses MAPI in spite of SMTP) you are using an account name, then the SMTP name will be the same for account/domain.  

Majorly, there are two kinds of SMTP authentication –

1. POP before SMTP authentication-
It is now condemned; however still required or supported by some old servers.
2. ESMTP authentication- It is also known as SASL mechanism. Every new server use this SMTP authentication.

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