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Sitecake is a Content Management System (CMS) having a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. It is extremely easy to use and has been found highly effective for small and static websites. For installing Sitecake and using it, a standard web hosting packet is required that comes with a web server along with PHP 5.4+.


1- Most important features of this CMS is the Drag and Drop facility. Everything can be dragged and dropped from desktop, Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter, and other browser window.

2- Sitecake works perfectly fine with plain HTML. Reading, modifying, and saving of the changes are done inregular HTML files. Even a layman in the online world, having no knowledge of template language or PHP can use Sitecake without facing any problem.

3- No need of database is there when Sitecake is used. The changes as well as saving of HTML pages or images are done in file system itself. Even when the editing is done, what you get is a static website.

4- It’s open source in nature. The users use this Content Management System for five purposes and they are – using Sitecake easily, improve upon it, build upon it, expand, and finally earn from it.

How to Get Started?

First of all, one has to obtain zip archive of Sitecake. For doing that one has to visit download page of Sitecake, download the pre-built zip archive over there. In fact, the same can also be built by the user itself from the source code, if the person has adequate technical knowledge on that.

Upload the extracted zip archive to the web root folder of the user.

Now, get the compatible template for the Sitecake and upload the same to the web root folder.

In the browser, open and start editing the site.

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